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GURTOUR   >  Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
For further information, please contact with our CAD (Customer Assistance Department)

Your questions will be replied with in 24 hours.
How exactly does the Gurtour On-line Reservation System work?
Gurtour gives Internet users the possibility to book hotels directly on-line.  These reservation requests arrive directly to our office and it is the Gurtour reservation department that responds to the reservation request. Essentially, the service provides an effective, secure and simple channel of communication between Gurtour and the user.
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What is the cost to use Gurtour  to make a reservation on-line?
There is absolutely no cost to use Gurtour to search for hotels, make or modify bookings or to become a member. It is a free service for our users.
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I want a staff member at Gurtour to book a room for me for these dates in this city. Can you do it?
The Gurtour site is designed specifically to allow internet users to browse hotel pages, check availability and prices and make bookings themselves. As we are a travel agency, whenever you need assistance, we also do  provide information for specific requests.
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When I make a reservation request, how is it processed?
The reservation request is sent directly to our reservation depertment. The department is then responsible for processing the request via the system and sending the response back to the user.  Your reservation is confirmed when the property sends a response to us. To find out how to check the status of your reservation request, please send us a question e-mail entitled 'I can't remember whether my reservation request has been confirmed. How do I check the status of my reservation request?'
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How long will it take for my reservation request to be answered to?
This depends on each individual property as they are responsible for the confirmation of reservation requests. Gurtour does respond to the reservation requests directly. However, properties are advised to answer our requests within 48 hours at the latest.
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How I will be contacted by the property?
You will be contacted via email, using the email address or telephone supplied by Gurtour reservation department.
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What is the cancellation policy for my reservation?
This depends on the individual property you have booked with. Gurtour  itself does not charge any penalties for reservations that are cancelled or modified in any way. However, each property has its own cancellation policy relating to reservations that are made with them. Teh conditions will be placed at confirmation message sent to you - it is recommended that the cancellation policy is read carefully to avoid any penalties.
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Can I make specific requests regarding my reservation?
Yes. When sending your reservation request, there is a blank space where you can add specific notes and/or requests at "Step 2"  that can be sent to the reservation department.
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Are taxes included in the price of my reservation?
Yes, taxes are included in the total price of the reservation sent by Gurtourl.
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Is the total price sent to me by Gurtour when the reservation is confirmed per person, per night or for the total stay?
The price that arrives when you make a search and that the property eventually confirms when Gurtour sends a confirmation of the reservation request is the total price per stay.
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Is the breakfast included in the price?
Again, this varies from property to property and will be communicated to you when Gurtour sends confirmation of the reservation.
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Are announced hotel rates valid year around?
Hotel rates in our site, are subject to change during special event periods like Fairs/Exhibitions, Symposiums, Congresses, Religious-Athletic and Artistic events, Carnival, Easter Christmas and New Year are considered as special events.During  Special Events a minimum staycan be required by the hotel
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What do I need when wanting to search for a reservation I have made via your system?
You do not need any login or password to access information about reservations you have made or to make a booking.
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I can't remember whether my reservation request has been confirmed. How do I check the status of my reservation request?
You can check the status of any reservation request sent by sending an e-mail to Gurtour reservtaion department.

You will be answered within 12 working hours.

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Does a double room have one double-size bed or two separate single bads (twin room)?
Twin rooms contain two beds. Rooms with a double bed are available upon request. Single rooms contain one bed. Twin or double room for single occupancy is available upon request, by paying the corresponding difference. Triple rooms are basically twin rooms with an extra bed, quad rooms contain two double beds (French type). All rooms have private bathroom, except for very few that have shower.
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